KS Tronic Development

KS Tronic Development Corp was founded with head office in Taiwan in 2009. Our company focus is on the development and distribution of GREEN materials and products made from renewable resources.

Our Mission Slogan
    "Let's answering the call for a sustainable world be our humble mission"

Our Philosophy
Our company philosophy emphasizes much about people relationships and building trust for business. We prefer to spend more time building trust with our valuable customers, understanding customer's needs, and focus on improving our products and services in order to create successful stories together with our customers. 

Our Raw Materials
Our main product NATURAL MT Bioplastic, is NEW and REVOLUTIONARY bioplastic that is 100% derived from plants and natural materials, no plasticizer, non-toxic, reusable, recyclable, fully biodegradable, compostable, as well as landfill and incineration friendly. NATURAL MT is developed and manufactured by Green Miracle Technology, also based in Taiwan.

Our Products
Being a bioplastic raw material manufacturer, we partner with local plastic product manufacturers or companies to provide our customers a ONE-STOP-SOLUTION from material supply, product design to mass production, a strategy aimed at reducing customer's cost and greatly improve production turnaround time. Our products not only include single-use or disposable items such as cutlery, cup lids, shopping bags, garbage bags, fruit bags, agricultural mulch film, seedling trays and nursery pots, it is also a comprehensive alternative for replacing reusable plastic products such as cups, bowls, pots, tableware, toys and many other injection moulded products and bottles that are of shorter life cycle.

NATURE'S-3D Filament
Our NEW products include the NATURE'S-3D filament, as its name implies, is made out of our NATURAL MT bioplastic that is non-toxic and safe, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, providing a better natural choice for all 3D users. NATURE'S-3D filaments have been tested by our 3D printer suppliers and customers and have since received favorable comments to have better properties than conventional PLA and plastic material. 

What people say about our NATURE'S-3D filament: 
"... the print out looks more natural, feels more natural by touch, and even smells natural..." 

As we are using our own NATURAL MT bioplastic for producing the filament, we will make sure that our company offers the best quality and that our price is always most competitive for your business and for end users.

Other Biodegradable Products
Our company is also partnering with other companies in Taiwan who manufactures biodegradable Multi-purpose cleanser made of food-grade ingredients abstracted from natural plants and minerals. These products greatly reduce the pollution to our environment on cleaning recycled bioplastic waste for repurpose applications.

If you have any inquiry about our company and our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending us an emailWe will do our best to get in touch with you promptly.