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Additives to biodegrade plastics don’t work


On 2 March 2015, this site reported on a new study from Michigan State University, which had found biodegradation-promoting additives for plastics to be ineffective. Now, the authors of that study have provided further comments about their results. Most important conclusion? Recycling plastic works; additives to biodegrade plastic do not.


California Set to Enact First Statewide Ban of Plastic Bags

After state lawmakers passed a bill California is poised to become the first U.S. state to ban single-use plastic bags after Governor Jerry Brown said Thursday that he expected to sign a bill nixing their use. The legislation — which would oust single-use plastic bags from grocery stores and pharmacies in 2015, as well as from convenience and liquor stores a year later — is similar to laws on the books in more than 100 California municipalities, including San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as in individual towns and cities across the U.S.
European Parliament vote on plastic bags
François de Bie, Chairman of European Bioplastics, commented: “We are very glad that the European Parliament recognises the value compostable carrier bags can provide to enhance a separate biowaste collection across Europe. Switching from lightweight single-use fossil-based carrier bags to EN 13432 certified compostable dual-use shopping bags helps to divert biowaste from landfill.”
The use of renewable resources by industry saves fossil resources and reduces the amount of greenhouse gas CO2 emissions.
Bioplastics provide new and forward-looking solutions for the plastics industry as they can potentially be applied in all market segments where plastics are used. Some bioplastic materials even offer new end of life options such as biodegradability that can benefit certain products.
Sustainable Development
The Brundtland Commission's report defined sustainable development as "development which meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs".